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Specialty Accident & Health Insurance

Learn how Specialty Insurance helps organizations and associations provide coverage for unusual risk exposures.

Specialty Accident & Health Insurance

The AIG companies offer Specialty Accident
& Health Insurance coverage solutions to help address the inherent risk of injuries that may come about during various activities.

Our coverage provides valuable benefits for groups such as schools, daycare facilities, youth groups, sports teams, recreational associations, organizations that utilize volunteers and community service organizations that conduct activities and events involving non-employee participants that are participating in sponsored activities or while traveling.

Plan Highlights

  • Provides valuable benefits and limits that can be tailor-made for groups such as schools, daycare facilities, youth groups, sports teams, recreation associations, organizations that utilize volunteers and community service organizations that conduct activities and events involving non-employee participants.

  • Includes insurance, while traveling for sponsored events, that can help fill gaps in medical plans when traveling internationally.

  • Demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the well-being and safety of its members.
  • Includes Travel Guard® assistance services, including travel, medical, security, worldwide information, concierge, and identity theft assistance. Our global service centers provide 24/7 services to the traveler in need — from pre-trip information to a medical or security evacuation.

  • Offers accident  insurance that can complement an organization’s general liability insurance policy by filling in gaps that may exist, and/or by offering broader limits. 

  • Insures K-12 schools and students against accidents that occur during class time as well as during all sports and sponsored activities on or off the school’s premises.

Specialty Accident & Health Insurance coverage can be purchased on a long-term (annual) or short-term basis, and can even be purchased for a single-day event. We provide accident coverage for members of groups or associations participating in sponsored and supervised sporting activities or events, as well as club, church or civic group events or activities. The primary benefits and services include:

Accident Medical Expense:
Pays the usual and customary charges for covered accident medical services such as doctor visits, hospital stays, X-rays, ambulance service, laboratory tests, anesthetics and more due to an injury caused by a covered accident.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D):
Provides a lump sum payment for a covered accident that results in a loss of life, limbs, speech, hearing, or sight.

Catastrophe Cash:
Pays benefits monthly or in a lump sum for covered injuries that result in coma or paralysis.

Weekly Accident Indemnity (WAI):
Pays an indemnity benefit for a short term disability which may replace lost income due to a covered accident.

Emergency Sickness:
Pays covered expenses due to a sudden and unexpected illness or disease.

Emergency Medical Evacuation:
Provides coverage for transportation to the nearest medical facility qualified to treat the insured if an injury or emergency sickness occurs when an insured is outside a 100 mile radius from his or her place of primary residence. Once stabilized, the insured is transported to a hospital near home.

Repatriation of Remains:
Provides coverage for the preparation and transportation of an insured’s mortal remains to family members in the event of death while traveling.

Travel Assistance Services
: Valuable assistance services that are available to covered individuals traveling 100 miles or more away from home.

Our Specialty Accident & Health Insurance covers a wide variety of groups. When organizations provide Specialty Accident & Health Insurance to members, this may help to attract and retain participants because insurance coverage is provided to each and every eligible member.

Day Care Centers, Nursery Schools, Camps:
Policy offers door-to-door coverage for enrolled children, staff and volunteers when traveling directly between the facility and home, while on the premises, and when participating in activities supervised by the facility or program.

Amateur Sports, Recreation:
Coverage is available to team players, managers, coaches and in some cases volunteers while participating in a practice session, a scheduled game or tournament game sponsored and supervised by the policyholder/organization, and while traveling directly to or from a practice or game.

Non-profit, Volunteers, Religious or Faith-based Organizations:
Covers members, volunteers, and participants in policyholder sponsored or supervised activities, or traveling to and from activities both domestically and internationally.

Special Events, Entertainment, Hospitality, Festivals, Fairs:
Covers volunteers and participants, during the event, while setting up the event, cleaning the event, and even while en route to and from the event.

Community Colleges, Other Institutions of Higher Learning:
Covers enrolled students (both resident and nonresident) and in some cases instructors when covered accidents occur.

Private and Public Schools (Grades K-12):
Flexible plan design options to help schools meet their specific needs and cover K–12 activities, including extracurricular activities and interscholastic sports. Our student/athletic programs for K–12 schools include basic and catastrophic accident medical insurance options.

Whether it is a student group, non-profit or religious organization traveling abroad, our travel assistance products can offer emergency medical and security evacuation assistance. Travel Guard’s® 24/7 travel assistance services include worldwide concierge support for medical and security incidents, identity theft and more.  In addition to 24/7 phone assistance, employees also have access to our secure travel assistance website and mobile app* (available on iOS and Android) for fast and convenient access to in-depth travel, security and health information:

  • One Touch ‘Help’ Button connects travelers directly to emergency assistance

  • Assistance ID Card can be accessed via the app in the event the physical card is forgotten or lost

  • Country Reports and City Guides provide key information on political conditions, security issues, travel logistics, cultural factors, contact details and health advisories with the ability to favorite reports for easier access

  • Security Travel Alerts are email subscriptions that can be managed via the app to obtain security level developments that may affect travelers destination(s)

  • Provider Directory contains contact information for healthcare providers in various locations around the world with a map view and ability to turn on GPS and locate providers nearby

  • Medical Translations Tool translates medical terms into multiple languages with the ability to listen to the translation

  • Drug Brand Equivalency Tool generates over-the-counter drug brand names and their equivalent names for multiple countries

  • Security Awareness Training through online travel safety videos and knowledge tests provides basic tools and information to be an aware, organized and prepared traveler with the ability to email the certificate of completion. Contact your AIG representative for a demonstration of the assistance website and mobile app

Managers, owners and directors of child care centers and similar facilities understand the importance of safety in their businesses. However, accidents can and do happen. Through this program, child care centers can provide accident insurance benefits for staff members and children enrolled in their facility.

Accident insurance can complement a child care center’s general liability policy by filling in gaps that may exist or by offering broader limits. Multiple plan options are available to meet each child care center’s specific needs.

Who is eligible? Any state-licensed child care center may be eligible for coverage, including day care centers, nursery schools, kindergartens, Saturday programs, preschool and after-school-programs, Head Start programs, and approved community centers.

People volunteer at a wide variety of organizations every single day. As part of their volunteer duties they may be involved in a diverse range of activities where an injury can occur. Organizations have a responsibility to care for the well-being of their volunteers. Accident insurance offered by AIG’s Accident and Health business can help cover volunteers against some of the inherent risks they may face.

Accident insurance can complement an organization’s general liability policy by filling in gaps that may exist or by offering broader limits. Multiple plan options are available to meet each organization’s specific needs.

Who is eligible? Many types of organizations may be eligible to purchase coverage for their volunteers. Please submit our Specialty Product Inquiry Form and an Accident and Health representative will contact you as soon as possible.

When accidents occur on school property or during supervised school activities, it can present potential liability to schools as well as financial hardship to affected families. Educational institutions across the country deliver a wide range of educational opportunities to help enrich the lives of children. Field trips, team sports, and other extracurricular activities provide students with dynamic, new ways to understand the world beyond the classroom setting. Yet accidents can interrupt these activities. That is where Student Accident Insurance may come into play. At AIG, our insurance companies consult with our broker partners and clients to develop programs that provide insurance protection for students in grades K–12.

Helping to Keep Students and Faculty Healthy, Safe and Secure

In today’s complex world of political and economic uncertainties, schools must fulfill legal obligations, manage resources, and operate programs within increasingly scrutinized budgets. When faced with an unexpected illness, accident, civil uprising or natural disaster, how will your higher education clients respond?

International Travel - Study Abroad
In the world of higher education, students, faculty and staff study and work hard. To maintain a strong study abroad program, schools must work harder to meet rigorous duty of care standards for their international travelers–from ensuring students and faculty have adequate insurance coverage outside their country of residence to coordinating and ensuring a complex evacuation in the wake of a natural disaster. At AIG, we think globally and act locally–our companies offer a broad range of insurance coverage and services for international accident and safety, backed by the support of our worldwide medical and security networks.

College Sports Accident Insurance

Students also play hard. The AIG companies provide insurance options for schools with intercollegiate, club, and intramural sports programs. From practice to scheduled games, tournaments, and team travel–including international travel–our coverage helps schools mitigate risk while student athletes focus on giving it their all. Basic and catastrophic accident insurance coverage options are available.

Campus Accident Insurance
Our student accident and special risk programs help colleges and universities provide affordable insurance coverage for unforeseen events all across campus. From a slip-and-fall injury at a school-sponsored summer camp to a violent campus assault, we offer a range of limits and benefits, including options for 24-hour coverage*.
*24-hour coverage is not available in all states.

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