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  • Capacity:
    • Transit = $50m
    • Storage/Warehouse: $50m (Natcat = $10m per occurence and in the annual aggregate)
    • Retail Stock Throughput (STP) = $2.5m per location (NatCat = $10m per occurence and in the annual aggregate)
  • Minimum deductible: flexible to meet the exposure of each individual risk
  • Minimum premium: $10,000
  • Specialties include multinational controlled master programs, captive fronting, stock throughput and logistics package policies (Freight Pak)

• Broad, flexible risk appetite to underwrite all industries

• Targeting growth with manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, high tech, and logistics companies


Preferred Risks

Non-Preferred Risks

and Exporters

Broad appetite to cover a wide range of products

• Automobiles requiring vehicle compound coverage

• Livestock

• Rejection

• Excess Stock Only

• Commodity Traders


Logistic companies requiring comprehensive coverages including Cargo Legal Liability, Shippers Interest and Warehousing


High Tech

Companies that have a risk mitigation culture and value the insights and resources AIG provides in this class


Client Risk Solutions (CRS)

Global team of loss control consultants averaging 25 years of experience in the maritime industry to help identify and quantify a client’s unique exposures and help them to minimize their risk




Committed to delivering world-class multinational expertise, solutions and service to clients in a globally consistent and seamless fashion through one of the largest global networks in the industry, spanning 215+ countries and jurisdictions




• Dedicated Global Marine claims team

• Expedited claims service for claims less than $10,000; unique general average and salvage servicing