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Risk Management Services

Doing our own “building” at the International Builders’ Show


Our Risk Management Services team kicked off 2018 with an exciting opportunity to bring a select group of staff members to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida to attend the International Builders’ Show. More than 1,600 vendors from across the world and more than 80,000 building-related professionals attended the show.

We had a very specific goal for the show: build relationships. As risk management experts, we bridge the gap between our policyholders and product and service vendors that offer new and advanced ways of building and protecting homes. By educating ourselves and developing strong relationships with these vendors, we’re able to recommend the best solutions for protecting our clients’ families and valuables.   

We did our research in advance, and once we arrived at the show we sought out vendors that provide innovative technologies that are suited for high net worth homeowners. We also deepened relationships with existing vendor partners that are pushing the boundaries of risk mitigation.

From viewing a private Smart Vent demonstration to sitting in on a live fire drill to witness firsthand how fire sprinkler systems operate to attending a meet and great with a generator manufacturer, we explored and learned about a diverse array of companies in the matter of just a few days. Now that we’ve returned from the show, we’ll continue to build on the relationships we started as we advance the expertise we bring to our clients.

To top off this unique experience, Anne Martin, Water Mitigation Specialist, and Stephen Del Giudice, Technical Specialist, were thrilled to meet Norm Abram from the long-running home improvement show “This Old House,” as shown below. In the building and construction world, you can’t get much more star struck than that!