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Coming soon to a screen near you: the PCG client portal

Today, nearly all of our policyholder interactions must filter through our brokers. With the exception of basic bill pay capabilities, we have limited direct connectivity with our clients.  To improve the overall customer experience and foster ongoing positive relationships with our policyholders, we are building a PCG client portal. The initiative kicked off in November 2017, and work is now well underway. Empowering our clients with self-service capabilities will also ease the administrative burden that rests on our brokers and ultimately enhance customer loyalty.

Our plan is to roll out features in a practical sequence, starting with Quick Bill Pay to enable clients to make payments in a more user-friendly fashion. While details are subject to change, here is the anticipated functionality that will follow from there:

  1. Comprehensive payment capabilities (e.g., recurring payments)
  2. View/download policy documents
  3. File and track a claim online
  4. Alerts and communication preferences

After the initial launch, we will continue to explore opportunities to leverage the PCG client portal for other purposes, including enrollment in loss prevention and risk management services. We will also look for ways to provide more personalized service and build emotional connections with our clients.

The PCG client portal is a widely anticipated step forward for our business, and we will keep everyone informed as we reach new milestones. Our anticipated timeline has the Quick Bill Pay functionality going live in the second quarter of 2018. Rather than spend months planning our approach for future enhancements, we will develop and launch additional capabilities in short time intervals and make refinements in real time.