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Our DMV team goes the extra mile

We have a DMV team within Operations who helps ensure that our clients can prove they have valid liability insurance in the states where their vehicles are registered. Insufficient proof of insurance can lead to tickets, impounded cars and even arrest warrants—and we never know when a client situation may arise. Here’s a recent story highlighting what our team does best:

On a recent Friday morning, a longtime California-based policyholder obtained a new automobile policy in New York, where he also owns a secondary home. He went to the New York DMV to formalize the car’s registration, but the scanner would not work on his AIG Private Client Group ID card bar code. This was an urgent problem for the policyholder; he could not drive the vehicle without its registration, and he had important weekend plans with his family.

The policyholder remained at the DMV and called his broker for help. She, in turn, contacted underwriter Jim Moore. Although Jim is based in San Diego and hadn’t even arrived at the office yet, he sprang into action and notified Cloud Gaxiola, the DMV Team Leader. Cloud immediately began investigating this issue while she also was just starting her day. She discovered the source of the issue: the policyholder had exceeded the requisite 45-day time period and failed to register the car in New York. 

Cloud quickly contacted Jessica Sigafoos in our Eastern Zone, who issued a new ID card and successfully scanned the ID card to the New York DMV while the customer waited there. The customer was relieved and thankful to leave the DMV with registration in hand and start his family’s vacation.