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Why choice of legal representation matters

When it comes to handling liability claims, one of our differentiators is providing policyholders with access to a select group of law firms on AIG’s preeminent panel counsel. What exactly does that mean? The firms we work with have extensive experience navigating the unique circumstances faced by wealthy individuals, public figures and celebrities, and they are able to defend our clients with the heightened awareness necessary for these cases. In addition to expertly addressing legal concerns, they are deeply aware of the expectations and high-touch service that is required by our clients. Many of our panel firms also have offices in multiple jurisdictions, giving them expertise and knowledge in the multitude of locations where our clients have homes, travel or do business.

High net worth individuals can be popular targets for claims and lawsuits due to their perceived “deep pockets,” and plaintiff attorneys are constantly looking for new ways to bring negligence claims against them. Our panel firms are well-versed in this area and have defended many different types of claims, including directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability and technology litigation. 

Here is one example of our panel counsel at work:

A policyholder was having work done at home when a worker stepped into the spaces between the roof joists in the attic and fell over 10 feet. The worker sustained severe injuries and sued the policyholder for nearly $1 million in damages plus pain and suffering.

The AIG panel counsel member assigned to the case performed an expert analysis of the home, which was relatively new. He uncovered defects in the construction materials and brought in several co-defendants, including the general contractor and the manufacturer of the materials, to prove the homeowner wasn’t at fault. In addition, the panel counsel member hired an expert and used his deposition testimony to get the case dismissed from court, which saved on expenses and time for the policyholder.