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Everyday actions make for exceptional service

On average, AIG Private Client Group claims staff handle 7,500 homeowners claims each year. While they vary in severity and complexity, each scenario is treated with the same exceptional care. Here are a few recent examples that underscore how going above and beyond is simply business as usual for us:

  • While spending the winter in Florida, a policyholder’s home in New York suffered damage from a winter storm. Our claims adjuster completed the inspection on the same day of receiving notification and began coordinating repairs with the policyholder’s contractor. Within 30 days, the repairs were completed and the claim settled—all while the policyholder remained in Florida and received routine updates from our adjuster. 
  • A remediation company informed a policyholder that fixing damage caused by a leak in his second floor bathroom might lead to additional damages to his custom kitchen on the first floor. This worried the policyholder so our claims team sought out a different company to review the loss. Thankfully, the new company had a solution for making repairs with no damage to the kitchen. 
  • An 80-foot tree fell across a policyholder’s property damaging a fence, terraced balcony and a portion of the home’s roof. The policyholder’s landscaping company refused to handle removal of the tree, so his broker contacted us for help. We immediately identified a removal service and the next day a 40-ton crane arrived on site to remove the tree. The insured and broker were very happy with the quick service.