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Protecting Passions

Be the best—and work with the best

When it comes to protecting prized collections, our Art Collection Management team brings a wide range of expertise and decades of experience to the table. In addition, they maintain strong relationships with other experts to call upon when needed. Here’s one example of collaboration with inside and outside resources that resulted in the perfect solution for a client:

A policyholder submitted a claim for water damage and repairs were needed on the home’s second floor. The client’s primary concern was his art collection. Nearly the entire collection—more than $200 million—was on display in the home and traffic from workers would be problematic. The client did not want any of the works moved out, so this heightened the concern about security, dust and debris, and vibrations.

Camille Stettler, Platinum Accounts Advisor, and Danna Kay, Art Collection Management Director, met with the house manager, project contractor and the client’s fine art conservator and presented a carefully thought-out plan they conceived that would ensure the safety of the collection during repairs. 

The contractor installed scaffolding staircases on the outside of the house that allowed workers to access the upstairs directly, bypassing the areas where the most valuable fine art was located. Artwork in the rooms undergoing repairs was moved to other safe areas in the house. Temporary fire-resistant walls were installed to block off the rooms where work was being done to ensure the security of the artwork and minimize exposure to dust and debris. Finally, a temporary air filtration system was brought in to further protect the collection from dust. One particular work that was extremely vulnerable to potential damage from vibrations was placed on a special shock absorbing pad with protective blankets during renovations. 

When the project was completed, all artworks were re-installed in their original locations using upgraded earthquake-safe hanging hardware selected by the art conservator.