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Kudos Corner

Congratulations to...

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, our team of Hurricane Protection Unit volunteers conducted 1,800 calls to clients affected by the storms. These employees—from all over PCG including Client Services, Marketing, Risk Management and even the Wildfire Protection Unit—worked long hours and went beyond their day-to-day responsibilities:

Kevin Aikman
Dan Caragher
Nancy Chidlovsky
Sean Coon
Craig Crowder
Carlo Crudele
Stephen Del Giudice
Dominique DelGuidice
Ted Deveraux
Susan Dougherty
Christopher Elliot
Debra Goebeler
Trish Gambardella
Hannier Gil 

Elizabeth Halstead
Willy Hammond
Karen Hivry
Brigid Hughes
Becca Hunt
Mary Jakupiboutier
Paul Keleher
Jeff Lounsbery
Anne Martin
Catherine Mayone
Jay McCarrell III
Peter Pableo
Susan Perry
Bill Range

Beverly Reece
Jennifer Reilly
Paula Riebold
Stan Rivera
Salvany Rodriguez
Fredy Santos
Tina Sarnecke
Bradley Sawyer
Jill Scanlan
Lindsey Sellman
Judy Sheff-Vender
Michelle Vinicombe
Theresa Stasny
Cameron Strothman

Bobby Terry
Michael Thayer
Frank Valdes
Ashley Vana
Sharee VanLooy
Melissa Walsh
Christopher Welborn
John Wernik
Kim Weybright
Nicholas Yambrovich
Troy Yoder
Allison Zito 

Carl Lessard, our Yacht Loss Prevention Specialist, also provided impeccable assistance to our clients. He helped multiple megayachts find safe harbor and was a round-the-clock resource to communicate with captains and crews.

Bradley Sawyer, Platinum Accounts Advisor in Dallas, took quick action in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. A client needed an industrial-sized generator to keep the climate control system working in his library, which housed one of the largest and most important collections in the world of books, manuscripts, drawings and documents related to automotive history. He tirelessly searched for an available generator and upon finally finding one in South Carolina, within 30 minutes he had arranged to have it trucked to Naples for arrival the next day.

Lynne Le, Automobile Adjuster, received the following praise from a client:

In a time when I lost two homes in the flood and three cars, I dealt with a lot of adjusters. However, there are few adjusters that deserve to be appreciated, none as good and Ms. Lynne Le. She listened to my problems, she reacted and took action with professionalism and compassionate attitude. An employee as Lynne needs to be recognized, and I personally will fly to California to thank such a good employee and a great human being.”

Wardell Johnson, Property Adjuster, received the following praise from a broker:

“I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that Wardell Johnson has been an absolute hero to us and to our shared clients. This is no exaggeration. He has gone above and beyond time and time again for us through this storm. He has provided counsel and advice and most importantly swift and professional service to our shared clients.” 

During the recent fires in Northern California, the following members of our Wildfire Protection Unit worked selflessly for hours and days on end to protect our policyholders’ properties.

  • Deserie Thigpen – Head of Loss Prevention
  • James Rappuhn – Director of Wildfire Protection
  • Jay McCarrell – Field Supervisor
  • Richard Aaron
  • Brandon Buchanan
  • Benjamin Burt
  • Moises Dorado
  • Mike Forster
  • Art Guerrero
  • Kyle Kujawa
  • Mike Thayer

Karen Hivry, Sales & Marketing Director, was given the JoAnn Heltibridle Award for Excellence by the Private Risk Management Association (PRMA). The award honors a distinguished personal insurance professional who perished in the attacks on September 11, 2001. JoAnn was universally recognized by her peers, colleagues and clients as a personal risk management expert with utmost integrity and uncompromising client commitment. PRMA commemorates JoAnn’s life and career by honoring others who exhibit the same virtues and qualities. Everyone who knows Karen agrees she is beyond deserving of this important industry recognition.

As a member of the engAIGger AIG motorcycle enthusiast group, Ron Fiamma, Global Head of Private Collections, participated in this summer’s fundraiser by riding from New York City to Fairbanks, Alaska. The group had a goal of riding 10,000 miles. With Ron’s 7,454-mile ride, the total mileage for the summer far exceeded that goal by reaching 16,586 miles. As a result, a donation of $10,000 was given to Charity Ball, a charity that donates soccer balls to children in poverty-stricken areas around the world.

Ron Fiamma, second from left, takes a break from his motorcycle before entering into Alaska. 

Wanda Brown, Account Analyst in our Contact Center in Schaumburg, IL, received thanks from a broker after expeditiously handling a reinstatement issue. The client was ready to move his coverage elsewhere, but Wanda saved the account.  

Jennifer Doty, Property Adjuster, received the following praise from a client:

“I would like to express my tremendous thanks and appreciation to all of you for the support and continued patience as we progressed through the rough claims process, and reached a conclusion which will repair our home and protect our investment. I thank AIG for the tremendous service throughout the years. I have great peace of mind that all of our properties will be well taken care of by your tremendously respected agency.”

Laura Kavanagh, Cody Arendt and Chris Gudgeon on our FNOL team in Stevens Point received the following praise from a broker:

“Thank you for the follow up, Laura! You, Cody and Chris are OUTSTANDING!!!  This is TEAM WORK at its VERY BEST!!! Always a pleasure working with you ALL!!!…
Many thanks again to you ALL for your professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile!!!”

Chris Korbel, Property Adjuster, received the following praise from a client:

“Thank you for everything you did with the jewelry claim. AIG came through and made the whole process stress free. This was the most amazing service I could have ever hoped for. You and your team are exceptional.”

Lynn Rickert, Automobile Adjuster, received the following praise from a client:

“It's so rare these days that anyone gets positive feedback, so I wanted to send a note about Lynn. She has been extremely responsive, helpful, and positive during a frustrating time. Although my claim is not all the way closed, she is doing everything in her power to make sure that I am satisfied and to facilitate things at the present time. I just wanted to let you know that you have a great person on your team.”

Christie Schrage, Automobile Adjuster, received the following praise from a client (who also is an AIG employee)

“I’m writing to let you know that as a long time AIG PCG client, I filed my first claim three weeks ago after hitting a deer with my beloved 2004 Acura MDX.  I don't think the claim amount will put a dent in AIG’s reserves.  

I wanted to single out the very professional claims adjuster who contacted me promptly, cared if I was hurt (I was not) and thoroughly guided me through the claims process which was very easy.  

She never even knew I worked for AIG until we finished our business...Kudos to Christie Schrage, the Claims Analyst based in Schaumburg, IL who was assigned to my claim.  She represented what the AIG client experience should be very, very well.” 

Shakunt Surti, Account Analyst in our Contact Center in Schaumburg, IL, assisted a client who made an error in her premium payment. As told with praise by the client, Shakunt calmly listened to her issue and walked her through the process of correcting the error in exemplary fashion.   

The following individuals are celebrating milestone anniversaries this fall.

Congratulations to Victoria Basdeo who is celebrating 25 years with AIG!

Click below to see who else is being recognized:

Julie McPhee

Julie Avalos
Delmonica Kelly
Tony Mancilla
Karen Renaud

Chung Man Ching
Suzette Fernandez
Joseph Lauro
Rachel Luria
Cherilyn Mann
Kelly Moore
Phung Phan
Cheryl Poole
Darryl Watkins

Christopher Backus
Andrew Brotherton
Joseph Caruso II
Alan Cooke
Patricia Delffs
Melinda Fontenot
Alex Horowitz
Kristin Johnson
Albert Jonke
John Makris
Craig Paston
Yang Yue
Rosa Zambito

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