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A Note from Jerry... 

Dear Colleagues, 

We are delighted to introduce the inaugural edition of Private Client Pulse, the internal bulletin for AIG Private Client Group staff in the U.S. and Canada. Here you will find pertinent updates from our functional leaders and also get to learn more about your coworkers. Special thanks to the PCG Employee Advisory Council for bringing this concept to life.

As I've shared with you previously, AIG Private Client Group has been named a priority growth area within Personal Insurance and the company as a whole. That belief in our business would not be possible without your focus, teamwork, and commitment to our brokers and customers. The road ahead will be challenging, but I can't wait to see what we accomplish together. Thank you for all that you do. 


Kudos Corner

Kudos Corner is where we will recognize noteworthy career achievements and related milestones across our U.S. and Canada staff. If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague to be recognized, please email Considerations for publication include activities such as acquiring a professional designation or advanced educational degree, receiving a recent insurance industry award, accomplishing a significant philanthropic or charitable endeavor, or reaching a milestone (5-year, 10-year, etc.) AIG work anniversary.

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Staff Spotlight

Get to know your colleagues, including…

Tim Hogan

Tim is a Regional Underwriting Manager in the Western Zone for the Pacific Northwest states, a portion of Los Angeles, and the Phoenix Branch. He is one of the founding members of Private Client Group, having joined in 2001. That means he was here when dec pages were typed, hand-signed and mailed to brokers. Prior to joining AIG, Tim spent 16 years at Fireman’s Fund, beginning as an underwriting trainee. He and his wife, Kim, have two daughters named Rylie and Kailyn.

Two truths and a lie: 

  • “I played on a USA men’s volleyball team and competed in Europe.”
  • “I was a model in a fashion show.”
  • “I’ve made a hole-in-one in golf.”
Anne Martin

Based in New York, Anne is a Senior Risk Manager and a Technical Specialist for Water Damage Mitigation in the Loss Prevention Department. She has been a risk manager for 25 years, eight of which have been with us. Additionally, she is a certified Level 1 thermographer, which enables her to use a special camera to detect temperature changes behind walls (which could indicate leaks or electrical issues). Anne is part of a new loss prevention pilot program looking to provide an “Internet of Things” solution for mitigating water losses. And in keeping with the all things H20 themed, she and her family are avid skiers and sailors.

Two truths and a lie:

  • “I have been skydiving.”
  • “I have seen ‘The Sound of Music.’”
  • “I had a pet goat as a kid (pardon the pun).”
Samantha Uphoff

Samantha was a Marketing Manager with our Home Office Marketing team in New York City, where she co-managed the implementation and execution of our broker compensation program across the country*. A significant portion of her work included analyzing data and creating reports in support of the Field Sales staff in an effort to strengthen our broker relationships. Sam first came to us as a summer intern in 2008 and joined us full time in 2011. Last year she successfully acquired her Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation as well.

Two truths and a lie:

  • “I am a Six Flags season pass holder.”
  • “I’ve been to six of the seven continents.”
  • “My parents put me on a leash as a toddler.”

*Sam was recently promoted to a broader Personal Insurance role. We wish her the best of luck and thank her for her invaluable contributions to PCG.

Business Updates

Claims | Customer Experience | Marketing | Operations | Risk Management Services | Underwriting



Our FNOL call center sets the tone for exceptional service

Throughout the history of our business, we have maintained an AIG-run call center for incoming claims, which we refer to as “first notice of loss” (FNOL). When a client calls in, our licensed adjusters can look up policy information, explain the claims process, answer questions and even adjust the claim if it’s straightforward enough. However, after business hours or during peak times, an outside vendor steps in to capture basic information when our own team can’t be on the line. While efficient, this vendor cannot replicate the experience of working with our own staff.

To ensure that all clients get the best possible service at any time, we have established an FNOL call center in Stevens Point, WI. That is where AIG Travel maintains its state-of-the art call center operations, and we can now leverage those capabilities. Whether providing information on repair shops and water mitigation companies; setting up an auto or property rental; or processing small claims immediately, we hope to streamline the process and reduce the time it takes to settle each matter.

The Stevens Point team has been operating during normal business hours, supporting customers across AIG Private Client Group, including Premier. As of January 3, we have extended the hours to include evenings and weekends, and we are working toward being fully functional 24/7. We look forward to sharing our progress with you in the coming months.


Customer Experience

Future progress begins with present-day analysis 

Although PCG has always been customer-centric, there is more we can do to deepen our customer focus, increase loyalty and create the best possible experiences for everyone who engages with us. That can be a daunting task without a clear plan, so we have set out to make improvements in very specific ways.

Representative ways in which we are working to better understand and augment customer interactions include:

  • Journey mapping, where improvement opportunities related to becoming a new PCG customer were identified, discussed, documented and analyzed.  
  • Voice of Producer survey, where PCG producers answered questions across numerous customer touch points about how we perform when compared to other high net worth carriers.

Results gleaned during journey mapping exercises and from the Voice of Producer surveys helped us identify:

  • Employee accountability; every part of the experience should be “owned” by someone
  • Potential gaps in our operational workflow
  • Pain points for producers and/or customers that may require us to do something differently
  • Opportunities for innovation
  • Measurable steps to track our progress over time

These combined efforts served as inputs regarding processes, customer needs, improvement opportunities, and general perceptions of PCG. To turn the feedback into action, we established nine different work streams, appointed leaders and created action plans for each. Various improvement opportunities have already been addressed, and numerous others are in progress. Work streams include:

  1. Billing enhancements
  2. Bind Ratio Improvements and Underwriting Service/Underwriting Approach
  3. Claims Improvements
  4. Communications 
  5. Loyalty Measurement
  6. Operations / Sales Services Initiatives
  7. Pricing Optimization
  8. Sales & Marketing / Distribution Support 
  9. CIP Check-in

The hard work of these work streams is helping to ensure that PCG remains competitive and differentiated as customer expectations evolve, technology advances and the insurance landscape alters.


Strategic events connect us to key influencers

When promoting AIG Private Client Group, we often start by taking a step back and educating people on why personal risk management is relevant to them. To help get the word out more effectively, we regularly work with trusted referral sources, such as wealth managers, who have strong relationships with potential PCG customers.

With this approach in mind, we kicked off a new event series this past summer called “Women in Wealth.” We developed the series with three objectives in mind:

Women in Wealth
AIG Private Client Group staff attend the inaugural “Women in Wealth” event in New York City.
  1. Create networking opportunities for us and our brokers in key U.S. markets
  2. Educate referral sources on PCG’s expertise and offerings, so that they can better inform their high net worth clients
  3. Support the growing prevalence of women in personal finance leadership roles

Our inaugural event was held at the Baccarat Hotel in New York City. We invited approximately 20 of PCG’s top female partner brokers in the area, along with several dozen other prominent women in high net worth financial services: financial advisors, wealth managers, CPA’s, family office managers and lawyers. The evening had a couture theme, enabling us to highlight our wearable collections coverage. In addition, attendees heard from a panel that included a marketing director from a major luxury fashion brand.

The event garnered exceptional feedback, and we have since hosted a second Women in Wealth event in Los Angeles.


National teams elevate our client support

The AIG Private Client Group Operations team, also known as “Client Services,” is comprised of employees across all three zones and is responsible for new business quoting, policy issuance, a contact center (handling both broker and policyholder calls) and a variety of post-bind transactions. Prior to 2016, the zonal teams worked independently when it came to servicing their respective customers. While everyone was working hard, this disconnected approach lessened our efficiency.  

Beginning in 2016, we created national teams to further improve service. This shift enabled our teams to operate more cohesively as one unit across the country, allowing for greater consistency with regard to customer service. For example, during peak periods within an individual zone, we can now leverage the other two zones to pitch in and balance the workload across the country. 

Here are some of the improvements seen through 2016:

  • National Quote Team – Our quote team delivered a 30% improvement in quotes returned within service level and a 122% improvement in turnaround time from 2015. 
  • National Book Transfer – A book transfer team was created to offer specialized service and meet broker demands for those with book roll opportunities.
  • National Contact Center – Our contact center team saw a 25% improvement in service level compared to 2015 (service level is measured as % of calls answered or abandoned within PCG goals).

The improvements listed above came at a time when New Business quote volume increased by 19% compared to 2015, and when call volume had increased by 47% over the same time period. By working together, we expect to make continued strides with our service quality across the board.


Risk Management Services

Making important strides to support our growth

Did you know that the Risk Management & Loss Prevention team visited more than 32,000 policyholders in 2016? That gave us more than 32,000 opportunities to make a good impression, establish a relationship, solve a problem, dispense advice or just put a face to AIG.

With 85 Risk Managers and Loss Prevention Specialists across the country, the team has expertise in high-end home construction and architecture; interior decorating and design; historic preservation; structure and wild land fire-fighting; engineering; art and collectibles; personal security; hurricanes; earthquakes; water damage…and more!

With our continued growth, Risk Management Services has seen a 40% increase in inspection requests. In order to continue to deliver a high level of service to our policyholders, we have added new field Risk Managers in Southern California, South Florida, New York City, Chicago and Boston; one new Platinum Advisor in New Jersey; one new Platinum Advisor in South Florida; and an additional Art Collection Manager in New York City.

Speaking of growth, we added more than 40 new Platinum Accounts in 2016, exceeding our already-stellar progress from 2015. And with a continued eye toward innovation, we are about to launch a new online alert application  that will give appointed brokers personalized access to the intelligence center powering our Wildfire Protection Unit, Hurricane Protection Unit and Earthquake Protection Unit. We look forward to telling you more about this tool in a future update.  

Until then, here are some things you may not know about your Risk Management colleagues:

  • Our resident yacht loss prevention engineer holds a 100-ton yacht captain license and was a former America’s Cup crew member.
  • Our wildfire team (officially called Wildfire Mitigation Specialists) participates in an annual certification process which includes a drill where they each carry a 40-pound pack over three miles in under 45 minutes.



Global collaboration helps us innovate

We have always protected customers with highly complex insurance needs: those who own multiple homes, extensive collections, etc. However, we’ve typically focused on assets situated in the United States. In the past, when a U.S. based client owned additional homes in other parts of the world, we would need to devise a one-off, manual solution. In some instances, we had to decline the business outright because we did not have the ability to underwrite it.

When considering ways for AIG Private Client Group to grow, addressing the “multinational” private client customer was an obvious opportunity. But where to begin?

On the commercial side of the organization, AIG Multinational has been a market leader for decades. We knew there had to be a way to leverage the mechanics already in place, but how could we fit a personal lines product into a commercial structure and workflow?

To help us devise a solution, we established a global team of employees representing multiple disciplines:

  • U.S. – PCG business team, AIG Multinational, IT, Claims, Legal, Training, Finance, Marketing
  • Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan – Customer Insight, Marketing
  • UK – Multinational Account Services, Legal, Underwriting
  • Mexico – AIG Reinsurance
  • Columbia – Personal Lines Claims

We also collaborated with others located in 12 countries that we prioritized based on where our U.S. clients tend to buy secondary homes: Canada, UK, France, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, China, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile and Uruguay.

As you know, the result of this extensive teamwork was a first-to-market multinational property program. It’s already helping us win and retain very large accounts, and it’s also a testament to the power of AIG; few competitors can match this advantage.  


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