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Global Trade Insights

Video and editorial insights on current issues in global trade from our partners at AIG’s Global Trade Series events.

4 April 2019

Washington, DC: What Next for the WTO?

Why a Global Trade Series?

Thomas Leonardi, AIG, outlines the purpose of convening a Global Trade Series

Lex Baugh, AIG, on the goal of the Global Trade Series and future role of global trade  

Overview of the Global Trade Series held at Georgetown Law School, Washington DC 

Future Direction of the WTO

Jennifer Hillman, Georgetown Law, on support for the WTO but also a need for reform

Though it is under political pressure, there are reasons to be hopeful about the World Trade Organization’s future, writes Marianne Schneider-Petsinger, Chatham House

Chris Southworth, ICC, writes that a reformed WTO can’t be the same WTO

Where Are We Now With the WTO?

John Denton, ICC, talks about global concerns with the world’s multilateral trading system and a sense of crisis emerging

Thomas Leonardi, AIG, outlines concerns about trade issues and imbalances, and the current situation

Soumaya Keynes, The Economist, on the issue facing the WTO’s appellate body

Why is Global Trade Important?

John Denton, ICC, on the benefits of global trade and the need for open economies

Jennifer Hillman, Georgetown Law, on how the rules of global trade matter in this new era of trade

Why the WTO matters, and why we need a rules based system by Soumaya Keynes, The Economist

21 May 2019

Rotterdam: Europe and the 'new normal' in global trade 

Overview of the Global Trade Series held at the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands 

Europe and the future of global trade – what’s next? Public policy makers and thought leaders express their views 

How will technology affect global trade in the future?  Watch business experts and policy makers discuss 

16 June 2019

Shanghai: China and the future of the Global Economy 

Jon Gregory, AIG on how Chinese companies should be approaching security and people related threats in volatile environments as part of One Belt One Road expansion 

Yihai Li, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) discusses why SASS is partnering with AIG on the Global Trade Series 

Mukhtar Hussain, HSBC explains the importance of companies understanding the risk environment as they expand internationally in search of new opportunities 

Rem Korteweg of the Clingendael Institute looks to a need for increased co-operation between Europe and China, and China and the US, in terms of trying to manage what trade looks like in the 21st century  

Wenling Chen, China Centre for International Economic Exchanges explains how risk prevention can help growth and investment along the Belt & Road 

Mingjiang Li of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore outlines how Belt & Road creates a variety of investment opportunities in relatively high risk regions and countries