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Ground Water Industry

Ground Water Industry

Program Target Description: The insurance program is designed the ground water industry. 

Program Target

  • Target Risks:

    • Water Well Contractors (55% of their payroll) must include water well drilling. The following general liability classification and SIC/NAIC codes must apply:
      • Drilling - Water – general liability class code: 92102
      • SIC code: 1781, NAIC code: 237110 - water well drilling, digging, boring or sinking (except water intake wells on oil and gas fields)
    • Incidental Classes: The incidental operations cannot exceed more than 45% of the following combined operations:
      • Plumbing - Residential of Domestic – general liability class code: 98483
      • Plumbing - Commercial and Industrial – general liability class code: 98482
        • NAIC code: 238220 - Plumbing NOC - SIC code: 1711
      • Machinery or Equipment Installation (Pump), Service and Repair – general liability class code: 97222
        • NAIC code: 127290: Pump Installation NOC - SIC code: 1796
      • Electrical Work – general liability class code: 92478
        • NAIC code: 238210 - Electrical wiring for Pump Installation (Pump Wiring) - SIC code: 1731
        • NAIC code: 335311 - Electric wiring for Control system pumps
  • Ineligible Risks:

    • Gas and Oil contractors
  • Geographic:

    • Nationwide except AR, CO, HI, IL, LA, OR, SC
    • Contact us for risks in the state of NY

Why work with our program administrator ?Longevity & Experience: Over 16 years of underwriting experience in the ground water industry

  • Custom Products: Products specifically designed for the ground water industry

Coverages & Limits Available:   

  • Property /Inland Marine  ($5mm TIV)
  • General Liability ($1mm Occurrence / $2mm General Aggregate)
  • Automobile  ($1mm combined single limit)
  • Umbrella Options up to a $5mm limit)
  • The program has been designed to include coverage that meets the special needs of the water well drillers industry.
  • “Down-the-hole” Coverage
  • Loss of Income for damaged equipment 

Submission Requirements:

  • Completed ACORD applications, signed by the insured, including detailed property information to include construction, occupancy, square footage and age
  • Program Supplemental Questionnaire, signed by the insured
  • 4 years of recently valued company loss runs
  • Updated driver information
  • Expiring premiums and target premiums for all lines of coverage
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Complete vehicle identification numbers (VIN)
  • RIG Schedule
  • Print the  Submission Checklist to ensure you have everything you need 

Broker Requirements:
Current Appointment with  the program administrator or, if not, complete the following items: 

  • Broker Agreement
  • IRS W-9
  • Copy of E&O Certificate or Declaration Page
  • Copy of the agency’s license per location
  • Agency Profile Document
  • If multiple locations, include a list and confirm ALL locations are covered under the operation’s Errors and Omissions policy